Seminário no dia 21/05

Na próxima sexta-feira, dia 21/05 às 11 h, teremos o seminário de Eunice Monyenye Omwoyo (PPGCosmo) intitulado: "NULL GEODESICS IN KERR AND SCHWARZSCHILD SPACE-TIME"


Contamos com a participação de todos!

Eunice Monyenye Omwoyo


Resumo: In the General Theory of Relativity, gravitational force is seen as a deformation of space-time. For instance, a massless test particle in motion on a certain space-time with no forces acting on it follows a trajectory called a null geodesic. Recently, the Event Horizon Telescope showed the first image of a shadow of the supermassive black hole M87*. A black hole shadow is formed by null geodesics. As a consequence, the understanding of null geodesics of black holes is crucial for explaining the nature of such black holes. A package for computing Bound Time-like geodesics about a Kerr Black Hole has been developed and is publicly available in the Black Hole perturbation toolkit We intend to contribute to this package by coming up with a code for computing Null geodesics about a Kerr and a Schwarzschild black hole. We have developed the code based on the article

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