Seminário no dia 18/06 - Sexta-feira

Na próxima sexta-feira, dia 18/06 às 10 h, teremos o seminário de Lucas Secco (University of Chicago) intitulado: "The DES Year-3 Cosmic Shear Results"


Observem o novo horário dos seminários.

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Lucas Secco (University of Chicago)

Título: The DES Year-3 Cosmic Shear Results

Resumo:  The Dark Energy Survey (DES) has completed the blinded analysis of its first 3 years of data. We have obtained cosmological constraints from a powerful weak lensing data set of more than 100 million galaxies spanning an effective area of over 4000 square degrees. In this talk, I will present the constraints on the lensing amplitude parameter S8 that come from cosmic shear correlations in DES Y3. I will describe what DES results add to our understanding of the consistency between the S8 parameter as measured by low-redshift lensing experiments and as inferred by the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). I will also describe our approach to mitigating the main modeling/astrophysical systematics of cosmic shear, namely baryons and intrinsic alignments (IA), and what our data says about the IA signal under a Bayesian model selection method.

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