Seminário no dia 11/11 às 10h

Na próxima sexta-feira, dia 11/11 às 10:00h, teremos o Seminário de Manuel Malheiro (ITA) intitulado: "Very Massive, Fast and Magnetic White Dwarfs: Recent progress"


Manuel Malheiro (ITA) - Very Massive, Fast and Magnetic White Dwarfs: Recent progress

White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars are the final end of the stars with masses below 30 solar masses. They are very compact with densities much larger than the ones we experience in our lives. White dwarfs and neutron stars are also quantum stars and the last one is a relativistic star where huge densities curve the space-time around them. Pulsars are, normally, very magnetic neutron stars that spin very fast with quite a constant periodicity.I will discuss massive, fast, and magnetic white dwarfs recently discovered, and in particular, the first white dwarf-pulsar AR Scorpii found in 2016. The importance of the internal temperature, rotation and General Relativistic (GR) effects for very massive and fast white dwarfs to obtain a correct description of their radii will be highlighted. 

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