Seminário no dia 06/05 às 10:00h

Na próxima sexta-feira, dia 06/05 às 10 h, teremos o Seminário de Diego Garcia Lambas (UNC, Argentina) intitulado: "Large-Scale structure and dynamics: Cosmic voids and galaxies"


Todos são bem vindos!

Large-Scale structure and dynamics: Cosmic voids and galaxies

Diego Garcia Lambas (UNC, Argentina)

Abstract:: In this talk I will present some recent results on the dynamics of galaxies in cosmic voids. These globally underdense regions that occupy a large fraction of space, lack massive clusters and groups and may provide important hints on the nature of dark matter/dark energy, as well as deepening our understanding of halos associated with galaxies. Due to the nearly spherical shape of cosmic voids, dynamically simple arguments account for their global expansion in comoving coordinates. Here, we will concentrate, however, on their motions as a whole, as well as on the pairwise peculiar velocities of galaxies residing within their boundaries using both observations and numerical simulations. 

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