Seminário nesta sexta-feira, dia 12/11 às 10h

Nesta sexta-feira, dia 12/11 às 10 h, teremos o Seminário de Ronaldo Batista (UFRN), intitulado: "Analytical warm dark matter power spectrum on small scales".

Analytical warm dark matter power spectrum on small scales by Ronaldo C. Batista (UFRN).


Abstract: Using the Reduced Relativistic Gas (RRG) model, we analytically determine the matter power spectrum for Warm Dark Matter (WDM) on small scales, k>1 h/Mpc. The RRG is a simplified model for the ideal relativistic gas, but very accurate in the cosmological context. In another work, we have shown that, for typical allowed masses for dark matter particles, m>5 keV, the higher order multipoles (l>1) in the Einstein-Boltzmann system of equations are negligible on scales k<10 h/Mpc. Hence, we can follow the perturbations of WDM using the ideal fluid framework, with an equation of state and sound speed of perturbations given by the RRG model. We derive a Mészáros-like equation for WDM and solve it analytically in radiation, matter and dark energy dominated eras. Joining these solutions, we get an expression that determines the value of WDM perturbations as a function of redshift and wavenumber. Then we construct the matter power spectrum and transfer function of WDM on small scales and compare it to some results coming from Lyman-alpha forest observations. Besides being a clear and pedagogical analytical development to understand the evolution of WDM perturbations, our power spectrum results are consistent with the observations considered and the other determinations of the degree of warmness of dark matter particles.

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