Minicurso Introdutório sobre Física de Neutrinos (teoria e experimentos)

Nos dias 01/09 às 17 h e 02/09 às 14 h teremos, no auditório do PPGFis/UFES, o Minicurso Introdutório sobre Física de Neutrinos (teoria e experimentos) a ser ministrado por Alisa Nozdrina (Universidade de Kansas, EUA). 

O minicurso ocorrerá de forma presencial.

Alisa Nozdrina (Universidade de Kansas, EUA)

Título: Neutrino Physics, theory and experiments

Lecture 1: Introduction to the ultra-high energy neutrino physics 

Neutrino is an elementary particle with the unique properties. It is electrically neutral and therefore doesn't bend in magnetic fields. It has almost no mass and interact extremely weakly with the matter. These properties, allow neutrinos to travel far through the space without a single interaction, making it a perfect messenger of the processes in the far cosmos. However, an observation of this particle is notoriously challenging and requires gigantic detector volume. In this lecture we will be talking about experimental efforts toward the observation of the most energetic particles reaching the Earth - Ultra-high energy neutrinos, and a new detection technique which utilizes antarctic ice as a detector volume.

Lecture 2: Radio neutrino observatories 

Two ongoing experiments located on the opposite sides of the Earth - ARA (Askaryan Radio Array at McMurdo station near the South Pole) and RNO-g (Radio Neutrino Observatory at the Summit Station in Greenland) share a common goal - to detect Ultra-high energy neutrinos. Unique experimental approach is to search for the coherent radio emission, produced by neutrino interactions within the ice. We will discuss hardware design, data analysis and the challenges which accompany operations in extreme weather conditions.

Reforlçando...dias e horários: dia 01/09 às 17 h e 02/09 às 14 h.

Local: Auditório do PPGFis

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